Wearing the Proper Compressive Garments eases the recovery process

Accompanies Your Recovery Journey with Confort & Care

Stage I

Up to 6 weeks since the intervention.
  • weeks 4—6 after surgery;
  • equipped with "grandfather and grandmother" type closure in 3 rows for extra support and comfort;
  • flat seams on the inside suitable for post-operative stage I.
Stage I Products

Stage II

More than 6 weeks since the intervention
  • products can be worn from week 4-6 from surgery and up to week 12;
  • without zippers, "pull-on" type products;
  • provides support and comfort throughout of the day worn under clothes.
Stage II Products

Stage III

More than 8 weeks since the intervention
  • the products can be worn daily after 12 weeks after surgery;
  • MAAM Garments is the first company Romanian company that introduces underwear with a high degree of comfort and postoperative support.
Stage III Products
* Wearing period of MAAM Garments items is established by the doctor specialist